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Break A Stone || Part One

How can a night full of punk music and drinks turn into a fantastic journey into the magical Break A Stone world? Only me could manage that, so I will tell you! Some days ago, my sister had sworn to take me to a cool event at Handlebar, to enjoy a night filled with nice punk tunes and cool drinks.

Break A Stone store is one step away, so we went there to say a hello to Aggelika, the store's awesome owner! One thing led to another and we found ourselves taking a magical trip through Aggelika's mystical creations. I couldn't resist and I asked her to take photos of her place and jewelry the next day. And so the magical trip continued in bright daylight!

Aggelika likes to create unique rings with crystals and stones, sorcerous pendants, bracelets and other shiny things, that help their bearer wander into time and space. It's literally like her jewelry was made to accompany you through a walk into the deepest forests. 

Seeing again the photos I took makes me think how Aggelika's energy and power are reflected on her creations: a calm but raw - at the same time - power that makes you feel free and strong. Even wearing one Break A Stone piece will make you feel that you bear your own lucky charm!

** Part Two coming soon
Follow Break A Stone here and to obtain your own lucky charm click here

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