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/ December 12, 2016 / No comments

Chinese Laundry Room

By Angie Haruta ||

Let's talk about brunch. In 1895, according to Wikipedia, the term "brunch", as a Sunday meal, was connected with the "Saturday carousers" who drunk all night. Since they were unable to wake up early to enjoy breakfast, brunch made their Sunday mornings easier.

However, today, brunch is just another excuse to sit around the table with our loved ones and feast till we drop. Fortunately, London is THE brunch destination with endless choices for all the brunch-lovers out there. That being said, Chinese Laundry Room is one of my favourite restaurants for brunch. It combines home-made Chinese food with breakfast/brunch choices; a combination which is quite rare for a London-based Chinese restaurant. Plus, the music playlist is great, it includes funk and indie pop songs.

Disclaimer: The following images are extremely mouth-watering...

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