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Aphrodite & Finnick

Sundays are perfect for good friends, lots of cups of coffee, yummy pastry and our beloved fluffy pet friends. Last Sunday we had all of that at Aphrodite's house. 
Aphrodite was the perfect hostess: she prepared the best cappucino we ever tasted, freshly baked apple pie and homemade biscuits. 
Among all of these, we had the warm company of the most beautiful cat ever: Finnick. 
Let's meet them! Shall we?

Hello Aphrodite! Welcome to Cats love Athens! Tell us a few words about you.
Hi! Feels good to be here 😊
I grew up wanting run away from home and join the circus as an acrobat. That didn’t quite work out, so I became a journalist, currently working as web content manager for I’m addicted to good coffee, semisweet chocolate and all sorts of trivial information. I’m uncomfortable with most social occasions, so I pretend to be too cool to care- most times that works out just fine. I love my neighborhood, my cat Finnick, baking, doing absolutely nothing and going out. I work out, eat, drink, read and write a lot. I have a love/ hate relationship with social media. I’m not very easy to deal with, I have a tendency for drama, no one believes I cry easily- but I do. That’s about it.

Describe your style in 5 words.
Basic, (a bit) sloppy, comfortable, (a bit) feminine, grungey. There, I cheated a bit.

If you could pick some items from your wardrobe, which would be your favourite ones?
I don’t know how many “some” could mean, this could go on forever, but I’ll limit myself to my  trusty Dr. Martens, my jeans, a leather pencil skirt, my cashmere knit blouse, an oversized, white shirt, my black blazer, a golden, leather beauty case I use as a purse, my Hermes scarf and my Rayban Wayfarers. 

Finnick and you have a very special bond. Tell us a few things about your amazing cat companion.
Finnick has most possibly been abandoned about two and a half years ago in Kallithea. Vasiliki, who is like a fairy godmother to stray cats, picked him up from the streets and tried to find him a home by posting his pictures on Facebook. He appeared on my timeline on Christmas Day of 2014 and the moment I saw him I knew he was my cat. He’s been a member of my family since. He spends all his time hanging around doing nothing, sleeps on my head, demands food all the time and purrs a lot. He meows back when I talk to him, he likes sitting on me even when it’s most uncomfortable, he gets his hair all over my clothes and doesn’t even care. He gets on my nerves often, but then he looks at me with his green eyes and I forget all about it. He somehow knows when I’m sad, angry, mad or upset and does his best to comfort me. I know I tend to spoil him, but I don’t really mind. 

In a parallel universe, what would be the ideal place for you to live with Finnick?
Looking at the Christmas tree as I’m answering your questions, I’m thinking a cute little cottage in the English countryside, like the one Kate Winslet lives in, in the Holiday, but the truth is this would be the ideal place for me to live. I don’t think Finnick is (or would be) very comfortable outdoors. An Athenian flat would work out just fine for him.

You are really famous about your pastry talent. Tell us how you became interested in that.
Growing up in a home where everyone was always cooking something, I remember myself helping my mother bake cakes or cookies since forever. Still, after a long, stressful day, I find baking somehow relaxing. I know it’s crazy but, to me, it’s like therapy and I’ve done a lot of it. So, I don’t think it’s talent, I’d rather say it’s pure practice.

You have a beautiful house. Which is your favourite corner? 
The dining room/ library. I spend most of my time having coffee, reading, working, eating or just hanging by that table.

After a hard week what is the ideal way to spend a weekend? 
I love hanging at home. So, it’s something like baking sweets and having friends over to enjoy them with some coffee and long hours of talking. I also enjoy those lazy Sundays where an extended brunch may turn into lunch, which, in turn, becomes a very casual dinner party.

Exarcheia is a really multicultural and lively neighborhood. What do you love the most about it?
Exactly the fact that it’s multicultural and lively. It has a vintage quality- the residents know each other and the shopowners. It’s pretty tolerant with immigrants, it’s a quite safe place. People of all social classes/ ages/ races/ colours/ beliefs co-exist in Exarcheia and that makes me feel at home.

Which are your music influences?
Oh, thousands. I’ve been a devoted fan of the 90’s Seattle- based scene- from Nirvana to Screaming Trees- for about 2 decades now, I’ve loved Britpop bands like Pulp and Blur, I dance like crazy to David Bowie, Amy Winehouse gives me goosebumps, I (still) get excited by the avant- garde approach of Sonic Youth, I always enjoy listening to the Wu Tang Clan- this list could go on forever. I’ll just add I’m obsessed with the –almost autistic-, complete dedication to music of John Frusciante- whether it be his early RHCP days, his solo albums,  his numerous collaborations, or his work as Trickfinger.

 And finally, what do you love the most about your job?
Apart from the fact that I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything different for a living, I have to admit I’m not a very communicative person, I can go silent for hours with people I don’t know well. I’m so much better with writing- it feels like I have a freedom to express myself. Writing somehow turns me into an extrovert. 

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