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A letter to Georgia | The Christmas Edition

Spending Christmas in Paris and London 

By Angie Haruta ||

Dear Georgia,

After a long and difficult year, I took some days off and traveled to Paris for the holidays. It was a good chance to get my camera out and take some photographs. I spent three days wandering around Montmartre and Marais taking photos, eating pastry and drinking coffee. Also, during my trip, I visited several museums including the centre Pompidou, the Musée d'Orsay and the Musée de l'Orangerie. The latter houses Claude Monet's Water Lilies, which is a breathtaking series of  oil paintings.

Certainly, this trip helped me restore my energy and reboot. But also, helped me realise how fortunate we are that we're able to spend time with the people we love and have fun once in a while. Well, 2016 was an ugly year with many ups and downs, therefore, I think we should gloriously celebrate its end, appreciate what we've got and stay positive for the future.

However,  Ι do miss Athens during this time of the year. Mainly because we used to spend Christmas together preparing our annual Cat-mas special blog posts. Consequently, I'm really sad that I'm not there to take silly photos, drink tea and wear festive props with you (like we did every year since 2010). Next year, let's do our Christmas special photo-shoot again! Let's cross our hearts!!

And there you go after three days I was back in London just in time for Christmas! Home, sweet home!

As you can see, I took Christmas really seriously this year. I've decorated the house and I've baked a gingerbread house (which seriously is so time-consuming but fun!).

Ps.: I really miss our little letters. Let’s also do it again in 2017!

Many kisses,

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