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/ December 30, 2016 / 1 Comment

A letter to Angeliki | The Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas!

Dear Angeliki,

I am so happy to have received another letter of yours. It's been a long time since we wrote to each other. 
Paris looks wonderful on Christmas and you seem that you had a really nice time there. As always your photographs are amazing, the hotel you stayed looks so beautiful and I love its decoration. Also, how festive is your Christmas tree? I simply love it. 💗

My holidays this year are rather calm: we are spending time at Nikos house, watching christmas movies, playing board games and drinking a lot of wine! This year has not been so bright with all of these sad news and events happening in the world, so I wasn't in a good mood. However, so far I'm having a nice time with my family, Nikos and friends.

Last Sunday, we went for christmas shopping and we bought - amongst other stuff - two super cute plates from Paraphernalia. I'm sure you would love this store. 

Angeliki I really miss you a lot and it really saddens me that you are not here this Christmas. On New Year's eve I''ll make a wish to spend next year's holidays with you and the people we love. 

Looking forward to your next letter. I love you so much.

Many kisses,

1 comment:

  1. Loved it!! Amazing plate!!! I love how you have decorated the record player corner!!
    Happy holidays,


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