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/ November 28, 2016 / 1 Comment

Brewing the perfect cup

As genuine coffee lovers we cannot imagine our day starting without a ''damn fine cup of coffee'', as Dale Cooper says in Twin Peaks. Searching for special places that serve tasty French or Americano coffee is a game for us. Whether it's about the blend's aroma or its intense flavour , a tasty cup of coffee has the potential to travel you all the way until the countries that produced it. Last week we shared our top 5 Athens coffee places in Madame Figaro's website and now we present here in Cats love Athens too! Enjoy!

Different Beast: Our love for this place is well known as we have featured it in a previous post. A beautiful space straight out of London, with excellent coffee blend and delicious cakes. You will be amazed by the place's porcelain cups and plates, and of course the warm hospitality of DB owners. Plus: the place is really Instagram friendly!

info: Kassaveti 19, Kifissia

Sokolata: Little place in the city centre , a few steps from Syntagma Square. Sokolata is known for its aromatic blends, its french aesthetics, its yummy carrot cake and of course its famous hot chocolate.

info: Voulis 35 & Apollonos 7, Syntagma

Warehouse: Minimal space in the heart of Exarcheia district, Warehouse is the absolute coffee experience. Coffee is served in lab containers and can lighten up even a rainy Monday morning. Warehouse is ideal not only for coffee aficionados but also all those out there that want to learn more about coffee.

info: Mavromichali 41, Exarcheia

Kain: Cain may have killed his brother, Abel, but in this place you will find the best americano in town! Ideal for all of you that need a caffeine boost.

info: Anapafseos 22, Mets

Kinono: Another Cats love Athens's loved place, Kinonothat’s perfect for Sunday mornings.  You can enjoy it's healthy brunch, its big cups of coffee, while reading your favourite book and listening to Kinono's  nice tunes.

infoFalirou 48, Koukaki

Bel Ray: Funky mood, big mouth-watering sandwiches and of course tasty americano - in a few words: the breakfast of champions.

info: Falirou 88, Koukaki 

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