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True Blue

Greek summer is all about true blue, bright sun and infinite beaches. This summer I found my true blue, in the Greek island of Andros, which is only two hours far from Athens. And even though, I have visited it many times, it still won't stop to amaze me.

Our final destination was the beautiful Chora (town) of Andros. I have dreamt of returning there so many times that, when I finally arrived, I couldn't believe it wasn't just another dream. The Chora is really calm, white and has a constant breeze that clears your mind and warms your soul.

After a cold sour cherry juice in Nostalgia cafe, I took my camera with me and got lost in the Chora's secret paths. I was led to my favourite place which has the statue of the Unknown Sailor. This grandiose and breath-taking bronze statue literally stands in the shore and is a sign of the long-standing ties of Andros island to the sea.

The Chora makes me wonder how can a place be so serene and breath-taking at the same time. It's really worth it to get your favourite book, lose yourself in the quaint streets, find a nice spot, and sit there, read your book and listen to the sound the waves of the sea make when they hit the shores. And if isn't so windy, why not go in for a dip?

To be continued...

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