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Daydreaming with GravGrav

Do you remember the first time we introduced Grav Grav on Cats Love Athens?
It was love at first sight. This is mainly because Grav Grav are made of wood and leather and it's like they just came out of nature.
My studies at Turkish Language and Literature always motivate me to discover artists and designers from Turkey. One of them is the sweet and talented Merve from Grav Grav.
Merve has managed to create a brand that is distinguished for its elegance and flawless technique. Satchels, backpacks and embroidered clutches constitute Grav Grav's wonderful collection.

The first thought that comes to my mind when i think about Grav Grav bags is walking in a forest, picking up wild flowers, daydreaming and reading my favourite poem by Nazim Hikmet:

''The loveliest sea :
is the sea not yet travelled,
The loveliest child :
is the child not yet born,
Our loveliest days :
are those we have not yet lived through.
And the loveliest word i would say to you
is the word that i have not yet said.''

(September 24, 1945 Nazim Hikmet)

info: Grav Grav

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