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Blu Cloud Industries

Mondays may be blue, however when you meet colourful and talented people, your day is enhanced exponentially. That was the case for me last Monday, when I met lovely and creative Nefeli of Blu Cloud Industries.
The morning found us having coffee at her flat, chatting about her Etsy shop and creations, taking photos and realizing how much we have in common. We both love Wes Anderson and cats. What more can I say?
Nefeli's place is like a craft heaven. Also, it is a home of two super cute cats, Toulouse and Korrasami, who kept us company the whole time.
Continue reading to discover Blu Cloud Industries colourful world!

Tell us a few words about you and your idea behind Blu Cloud Industries. 
Well, I live in Athens with my two cats, I am a Law School graduate and I have studied set and costume design as well as fashion design. And well, I really really like to draw. I've been playing around with different materials through the years making little gifts for friends, and at some point I decide to open my little etsy shop.

 How did it all start. Describe to us that magic moment when you decided to start to design illustrations and transform them to brooches. 
It wasn't really a moment: I had been drawing and using different media to communicate my ideas for set/costume and fashion design, and I guess at some point I realize that probably the most enjoyable part of the process for me was putting my ideas on paper. Combined with my urge to make tangible things, I experimented -a lot- with shrink plastic and Blu Cloud Industries was the eventual result. 

From where or who do you draw influence.
I guess I am hugely influenced by pop culture - Joss Whedon, Wes Anderson, Harry Potter being some of my main influences. I also find fourth wave feminism very inspiring for my process, and usually try to allude to that. People around me, my family, my cats, my clothes, junk food, positively everything surrounding me can trigger me to create. 

Describe your style in 5 words.
Well, this is very difficult (does that count? :p) I guess fun, colourful, girly, quirky ( I kind of hate that word though) and -at least sometimes- childlike.

What else will our viewers find in your etsy shop?
At the moment, apart from brooches, there are handmade notebooks featuring my illustrations, while anyone interested can always contact me about custom pieces, illustrations, etc. which is actually something I love to do; making someone else's idea come to life.

And finally, what are your future goals?
I am constantly working on a zine or two, I definitely intend to have more different items for sale on my etsy shop, and of course I would love to do more commisioned work, as I have found it to be both challenging and rewarding to create something that meshes another person's vision with my personal design aeshetic.

Find Nefeli's work here:

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