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A letter to Angeliki from Athens

Dear Angeliki,

Oh, how I miss you! I hope you are well.
As you know, May is my favourite month and this is because I love blossomed trees, colourful flowers and the first warmth of the summer sun. Also and the most importantly, I am a May girl as I have my birthday on this month!

A secret detail that you also know about me is that Ι like to celebrate my birthday for a whole week. Imagine that this year, I blew the candles off three birthday cakes! Hehe!
One of the three birthday cakes, was at a really nice bar at Mets area, named Kain. I listened to cool music and danced all night with beloved friends and my boyfriend until midnight when I finally turned 26! Oh my!

Guess where the next day found me celebrating this special occasion: at my new beloved place, Different Beast. I had a b-day brunch with the girls and Nikos, we laughed, we took pictures and we really enjoyed the lovely atmospere at Different Beast.
A bit later a plate of pancakes with b-day candles arrived to our table! It was such a cute surpise (thanks to the girls, Nikos and the lovely DB team) and the pancakes were heavenly.

An awesome day for sure. It would be so great if you were here to celebrate it with me. :)
I will never forget all those beautiful diy cards that you made for my birthdays.
Looking forward to celebrating next year together! Love you!

Hugs & Kisses,


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