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Let's go to Tate Modern

By Angie Haruta ||

One of the several reasons why London is a great touristic destination is its great variety of museums and galleries. So, whether you're a tourist or a Londoner you should visit London's incredible museums at least once in your lifetime. Some examples are: the V&A museum, National Portrait Gallery, the Tate Britain|Tate Modern and the Museum of London. The latter is, by the way, one of my favourite museums in London.

A few days ago, we had the pleasure to visit the amazing Tate Modern, where we enjoyed artworks from the national collection of British art, which dates from 1900 until today, and a great variety of international modern and contemporary art. Tate Modern is one of the largest museums of modern and contemporary art in the world and currently it's working on the renovation of its museum space, building and collections. The motto of this renovation is "Art changes, so we do".

The aim of this renovation is, firstly, to create more space for new kinds of art and introduce to the audience new artists from around the world. Secondly, to allow more social space to visitors to relax and unwind inside the museum space.

Next time, give to Tate Modern a shot and you'll be impressed by its amazing interior and collections. Don't forget to make a donation because your contribution will support Tate Modern's mission.

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