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Athena Design Workshop

It was a rather sunny January afternoon in Athens while i was strolling near Acropolis, i found a really beautiful place called Athena Design Workshop. In September 2015, Krina, the owner's place, started it as a workshop, and as a place that offers office design services (illustration, stage design, decoration and graphic design).

The workshop's location was not randomly picked and the fact that it is in the most touristic neighbourhood in Athens, justifies the fact that all products have an Athens/Greece theme, but not with the usual old-fashioned way that we see everywhere.

For example, the project of the stray dogs emerged as a theme because stray dogs are a big part of the Athens society. Loukanikos, for instance, was a dog that has been present at nearly every recent protest in Athens in the past few years, and has ostensibly becοme the symbol of Greek protests against the austerity measures.

In Athena Design Workshop everything is hand-printed, with minor exceptions of other guest artists work. Engraving is applied mostly on textile (t-shirts, tote bags) and on paper, giving great detail, quality and uniqueness in what is created.

This place has some of the cutest souvenirs a tourist could bring back to his/her home. But of course, its extraordinary creations definitely catch the eye of the locals. If you are around Acropolis next time, Athena Design Workshop is really worth a visit!

* Athena Design Workshop, Parthenonos 30, Athens

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