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/ February 8, 2016 / No comments

A stroll with Fantastic Miss Foxy

I like walking with good friends. This time i got to do it with Athena from La Mysterieuse Bibliothecaire! We decided to go for a simple stroll around the neighbourhood, so we took little Foxy with us and ended up in Patission street.

It's really nice to go for a walk in your own neighbourhood and to discover every time, that this part of the city still remains pretty! We visited a really old and famous patisserie called ''Ηara''.

Ηara has a multitude of classic yummy pastries and sweets, but we decided to order our favourite ''ekmek kataifi''. It was so delicious that even Foxy wanted to grab a bite!

After our walk, Foxy was so happily tired that she ended up in my bed! People might not pick their own neighbourhood when they go out, but sometimes this hides beautiful moments and happy surprises!

*photography: Athena Koutromanos

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