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/ January 22, 2016 / 1 Comment

Write about Love and VIDEOclothing

VIDEO clothing was founded in Athens, Greece in 1987 by Angelo and Stella. In early 2015 the brand was revived with the help of their daughter Love and their son Angelo. While Angelo and Stella are the heart and soul of the brand, their children are the fresh new air that completes the creative puzzle of VIDEO clothing. The result of this family style creativity fusion, is some of the most beautiful and cozy knitwear you will ever see. Wanna find out more about the brand? Let's have a look, at what Love told us about VIDEO clothing!
Working with family is surely something special. How would you describe this in your case?
It trully is a privilege. My parents have a wealth of knowledge that can only be acquired with years of experience; trends come and go but the recipe to building the foundations for a strong brand is age old and there is no better school than mum and dad. My brother and I are based in London so working as a family on a project means that we spend time together even though we are apart. It also means frequent travelling to Greece which is always a bonus!

How did your studies abroad help you and your brother revive and develop the brand?
Education is important not only because you gather and learn more information about your chosen area of study whilst you are in the university but also because you get into the habit of researching and following the developments in your area.We are applying what we have learned and our experiences in and out of university to our brand strategy.

How did VIDEO clothing get its name?
The name was inspired by the popular 90s media; the video home system (VHS). The brand first launched in 1987 in Athens when VHS was very of the moment. It also means ''I See'' in Latin, and this is what we do; we see the world and interpret our inspiration into the clothes.

Describe VIDEO clothing's style.
Effortless, timeless with a tomboy-ish edge.

From where or who do you draw influence?
I mainly look at mine and my peers needs, what i am missing, what are the pieces that i wish existed and what i need for the coming season. It reflects my lifestyle and is a seamless continuation of my everyday life.

Tell us a few things about the AW15 collection.
For our debut collection we wanted something cool, minimal with attention to fit and proportion. We have developed the patterns of our knits so that they offer the most comfortable wear and enhase your busy everyday life.

And finally, which are your future goals or plans?
We have started brainstorming for our next collection which is very exciting and are in talks with boutiques so that all of you lovely people who have been asking us can find our knits in stores. My brother is really keen on getting started with our men's range! There is an endless list of future plans but we are talking slow and focus on one thing at a time.

*Find VIDEOclothing here:

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