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/ January 27, 2016 / 1 Comment

A letter to Georgia from London

Dear Georgia,

What's a better way to start a letter than with a book with a cat illustrated in its front page? The Guest Cat, by the Japanese writer Takashi Hiraide, is a lovely and surprisingly profound book. Obviously, it's dedicated to a cat which decides to enter into a couple's life as an interloper. Of course, the cat adopts the couple in no time. Nonetheless, this book describes not only a feline's story but also talks about the fundamental elements of life.

So, reading books is, among others, one of my new year's resolutions. But really, I couldn't realise that January was already here until I happened upon an abandoned Christmas tree outside my house. Actually, during January, you could find a Christmas tree outside every house, as a token of the end of the Christmas season. Though, I think I was the only "weirdo" who took photos of them!

But, January is almost over and even though the weather is really cold, I'm trying to pick up my camera and take some shots outside. So, I'd like to show you these marvellous buildings and these cute attics. One day, I'll live in one of those attics. Fingers crossed!!

Yeah, I know this is another coffee/ tea shot! I couldn't resist, ok? But currently, during weekends it's my habit to stay in bed until late in the morning while reading and drinking my coffee. It's so cosy and warm!

This picture was captured on a really cold night at the Lumiere London Festival, which was a light festival in 30 locations across London. It was an interesting experience, but I'm not that confident to say that next year I'll do it again.

Finally, I just want to say David Bowie forever...

Many kisses and hugs,

1 comment:

  1. Lovely post girl!! Great pictures!!


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