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/ November 13, 2015 / 3 Comments

An interview with SaraRRocha Illustration

I discovered Sara's beautiful work through her instagram account. I was really happy when i found out she's an illustrator from my beloved city, Lisbon. This cat lady loves to illustrate cute things (together with her cat Maio) combining retro with modern style. In her illustrations you can find fiction characters, girls with a lot of confident and of course lots lots of cats. Also, if you want to make something unique, Sara hadles custom orders. Let's meet Sara and her magical world!

1. Tell us a few words about you and the idea behind your illustrations.
I’m an illustrator based in Lisbon. Inspired by vintage clothing, literature and cinema, my art work is retro and thoroughly modern at the same time. I try to add to my illustrations whimsical and delicate environments, confident girls with a fashion sense.

2. How did it all start? Describe to us when you decided to start to design illustrations and transform them to brooches.
I started to draw since I was a child. I did spend a lot of time amusing myself drawing and painting. All over these years I’ve been trying different techniques like crayon, acrylic and watercolor.  In 2014, I opened my etsy shop where I started to sell some of my original illustrations. Later, I found funny ways to transform some of my illustrations in brooches allowing people to wear my art every day. 

3. From where or whom do you draw influence.
Along these years I’ve been developing my own style inspired by my peculiar world where some of my favorite fiction characters from literature and cinema coexist. I also like to do a visual diary of me and my cat, and sometimes I do fan art illustrations of some of my favorite instagram accounts, fashion blogs and youtube channels.

 4. Describe your style in 5 words.
 Delicate, fantastic, whimsy, quirky and fashionable.

5. Τell us a story about one of your own favourite illustration heroes.
I love to customize super heroes. Last time, inspired by my friend Sophie, her cats and her bear, I decided to illustrate all of them as super heroes! This is what I love about being an illustrator because you can make your own imaginary world become alive.

6. If you could be a hero in real life which one would you choose?
 I’d be catwoman! I absolutely love her style.

7. What else will our viewers find in your etsy shop?
You can find in my etsy shop original illustrations, prints, brooches or order your own custom illustration. 

8. And finally, which are your future plans? Do you have any projects coming up?
I want to keep drawing every day, and inspire people all around the world with my art work.
I also have some upcoming projects that include some new products for my etsy shop and some project collaborations with brands.


  1. Amazing illustrations! Great post sweet cats <3

  2. Love love love these illustrations!
    Great post!

  3. Love love love these illustrations!
    Great post!


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