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A letter to Georgia from London

Dear Georgia,

Long time no see... I think the last time I wrote you a letter was still summer or something like summer, a British version of summer. But now, autumn is officially here and London is a really beautiful place to be around this time of the year. The weather is not that cold, so you can enjoy long walks at the parks, wearing a light coat and scarfs and drinking a cup of hot chocolate.

 My favourite thing about autumn is its autumnal colours. The tree leaves gradually turn brown, red and gold and they are falling at the ground. You cannot but totally fall in love with the city during autumn.

But, when it's rainy outside, it's a great opportunity to stay at home and pamper yourself while listening to music or reading comics. So this is my usual Sunday to do list! Currently, my favourite comic is Soppy, which is about the relationship and daily routine of a couple. It's super cute and funny. You know you really love somebody when you can spend all day together, doing nothing in particular. This couple appreciates the importance of a hot cup of tea, I like them!

Another great thing about autumn is, of course, the food and especially soups. You know how much I love soups. London as a multicultural city is a great destination to try new tastes and cuisines. Well, the last few weeks, I'm obsessed with Japanese ramen soups. At Ippudo and Tonkotsu you can taste the most yummy ramen and warm both your body and soul.

Another favourite of mine is Polpo, a Venetian small plates restaurant. There, you can enjoy simple and good food while drinking local wines. My favourite dishes from Polpo are the vegetarian meatballs and the Crab & chilli linguine. But there are also options for the meat lovers like the classic beef and pork meatballs with spaghetti. You know, the classic "Lady and the tramp" dish.

Last but not least, I will just say pumpkins...PUMPKINS!  

I wish you were here, Georgia.

Lot's of kisses and hugs!!!

PS. Ramen photo credit: here

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