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A letter to Angeliki from Athens

Dear Angeliki,

I'm so happy to receive your letter. Autumn London looks perfect. The orange shades of the leaves are so warm and comforting. Oh, and those Japanese ramen soups look so delicious that when i visit London we will definitely go eat together. 
Autumn has clearly arrived in Athens as well. Following a really hot summer, it was about time! I have started going to my first autumn strolls, drinking hot coffee and finally wearing warm clothing.
In one of these strolls, i have discovered a mysterious secret home garden with beautiful roses, that i liked so much. 

After visiting the first solo art exhibition of my good friend Filippos, i came across this flock of origami birds in Philos Athens, which is basically what you notice when you enter. This really made me want to learn how to make origami birds for my own room! When you come in Athens i will take you there for a cup of tasty coffee. 

Unfortunately, i caught a cold two weeks ago and i stayed at home for a week. That means i spent a lot of time reading books, drinking hot beverages, mixing fresh herbs in the kitchen and watching my new favourite series ''Once Upon A Time". It's a TV show about classic fairytales presented in a different way and of course a lot of magic! It might be boring for some people to stay indoors, but this has a silver lining after all.

I know how much we both love rings so i couldn't help but sharing with you my new ring obsession from Break A Stone. I'm sure it's totally our style!

Finally it is well known that ours is a cat dominated blog, however i have the following news to deliver...
Our family has a new member and she turns her head at the name Foxy! Foxy is a little cute white westie mix. We found her around Psiri area and we couldn't not help her. I cannot believe that there are still people out there who abandon their pets. It's so sad and awful. I named her Foxy after my beloved Wes Anderson film, ''Fantastic Mr. Fox'' and because with those ears and snout you could mistake her for a little fox! She's really playful, she climbs all over the house and she wakes me up every morning by literally climbing on top of my head!

I look forward to see you and to introduce you to little Foxy!

Lots of kisses and hugs!!!

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