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The Black Square of Imagination

I have known Filippos since we were little kids. He and I were going to the same kindergarden and we've been good friends since then. 
Filippos Georgios Tsidavis grew up in Athens and he has been a big fan of art, since he was a kid. He graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts based in Milan, where he worked in sculpture, graphic arts, video art, design, fashion design, theatrical costumes and painting. In 2012, he published his very own poetry book titled "Familiar Stories", ( in greek: "Οικείες Ιστορίες").
This week I was really looking forward to visit Filippos's first solo exhibition titled, "The Black Square of Imagination". On Tuesday morning I finally met him, we strolled together around the exhibition space and talked about his work, which I really found intriguing and interesting. You can find Filippos's exciting new art in Gallery Ersi until November 5th. 
Let's learn some more about “The Black Square of Imagination” from Filippos himself:

1. The Black Square of Imagination is a place of prosperity. Tell us a few words about this.
I’m glad we are beginning with this statement/artwork as it provides the basic meaning of this particular collection of work and is a unique piece that describes the black square of imagination. It is a place of prosperity, an interactive space that invokes imagination and turns into a source of creation.

2. Which were your influences for your first solo exhibition.
I started working on this collection of work in 2013 and it was also part of my thesis during my first degree. I was in Milan at the time. What influenced my work aesthetically was the contact I had with engravings, and this is what made my work have simpler forms and less painting. What also had a great influence on my work is my interest in writing. Through writing, my stories form a base and my art becomes conceptual. My first solo exhibition is titled, ''The Black Square of Imagination'', and it consists of 28 works of art. I want to thank Antheia Kotsi, who curated the show in collaboration with myself, and Veronika Papadopoulou who created all the graphics.

3. What is the connection between ''Familiar Stories'' and the ''Black Square of Imagination''?
The Black Square of Imagination is the evolution of my first poetry collection-artist book titled "Familiar Stories". In this artist book my first body of work is highlighted, which is focused on the observation and presentation of objects in the house, and presents my desire for these objects to attain an identity. So, the black square of imagination is formed to give life to everything and solve the plot of my stories.

4. How does the Black Square works? Does it work differently for every person?
The black square of imagination works according to each person’s experiences.
Each artwork presents a synthesis of a black square and an object, a form, or a poem. These encourage viewers to create their own story through their personal experiences. In this way, the stories of my work constantly develop and are given identity. The object is no longer static, but in progress.

5. A piece that i really liked was the "Metamorphosis of the Goose''. What's the story behind it?
The “metamorphosis of the goose” is one of the most popular pieces. There is no particular story behind it. I often use animals in my poems because they strengthen the fairy tale element in my work. Even for me, some of the pieces have different stories that I come up with at the moment.

6. Tell us a few things about the technique that you used.
These works are woodcuts which are engraved drawings on wood printed on cotton paper. The process is that I first create the drawing on a thin and durable wood, I then carve the drawing and apply color to its surface. Next I print them on the woodcut press machine. The best moment is when I print them as I am never sure of how the result will be. So every time it is a surprise.

7. Which are your future plans? Do you have any projects coming up?
My future plans are to publish my second book and after that my second solo exhibition will follow.

info: Gallery Ersi

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