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/ September 7, 2015 / 1 Comment

Five things I love about Lisbon

Two months ago, i came across a super cute blog, '' From Someone in Love ''. This blog belongs to Catarina Gomez, a very stylish girl from Lisbon, Portugal. Cat was really helpfull and gave me a lot of pointers for my trip in Lisbon. Now we have the chance to meet this colourful city through Cat's top 5 favourite places. 

''Lisbon truly is a beautiful city with great places to visit. I have to confess it wasn't easy to choose only five from all the ones i love, but after thinking a lot i finally arrived to this list.

1. To start, i chose one of my favourite neighborhoods, Belém. Here you 'll find the most beautiful monuments, including the Monastery of Jerόnimos and Belém Tower. If you 're a fan of art you won't wanna miss CCB, a cultural centre with free exhibitions. And of course, the river, our beautiful river. I love to take a walk there and enjoy the view. It's beautiful. 

2. In the opposite area of the city, Parque das Nações, (a modern area with recent buildings) you have an amazing place to visit: The Oceanarium. It's really wonderful and so relaxing. I went there a lot of times and i love it!

3. Now talking about shopping, you have to visit a little store in Chiado called ''Luvaria Ulisses''. It sells the most amazing gloves and it's worth a visit just because of the space itself. It opened in 1925 and the decoration remains the same since then, so you can imagine how unique and special it is.

4. I also had to include on this list my favourite restaurant : Bastardo. It's placed downtown in the beautiful International Design Hotel. The food is delicious, the staff is the best and the decoration takes the whole experience to another level. You can have lunch or dinner and you can also try the tea time, it's amazing!

5. And finally, i had to end my list with this one, Manteigaria. If you 're in Lisbon you can't miss our famous ''pasteis de nata'', and this place has the best ones in town. A perfect combination between the crispy crust and the velvety cream makes it so delicious. 

I hope you enjoy my suggestions and i really hope you come to Lisbon and visit all these amazing places.''

*special thanks to Cat 
photo credits : From Someone in Love

1 comment:

  1. Definitely bookmarking this post along with yours :) I was in Sintra (next to Lisbon) last summer and fell in love but unfortunately wasn't able to visit Lisbon. I also follow Cat's adventures so was great to read her favorites.


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