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Five things I love about Berlin

By Sarah P.| artist

Interview by By Angie Haruta ||

When I first met Sarah, she was a little blonde six-year old girl, but now she is a talented and creative artist/ singer/ music writer, who lives in Berlin. Actually, she is the most hard-working and passionate person that I know. A few days ago she released her new song "I'd go", an old-school pop song, in order to call for action and communicate her unique ideas about life and new beginnings.

Well, this lady knows about new beginnings since one year ago she moved to Berlin to pursue her dreams and start again. Thankfully, she now knows all the little fancy secrets about this lovely city and she's sharing them with us. 

Oh, in addition, I'd like to share with you that currently Sarah and her song is part of Mensch Campaign, which is a charity action from Oh.Boy Shop, which aims to help the refugees. The money from their T-shirts will be given to Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk that’s fighting for the equal chances of the refugee children and makes sure to provide full meals at school for the children that come from poor families. The Institute is based in Germany where one million refugees are expected to come. Please check this charity and share it!

But for now just enjoy her tips about Berlin...  

1. Must See: East Side Gallery

Berlin has many historical and cultural attractions that will blow your mind away. The Jewish Museum, Checkpoint Charlie, Pariser Platz (Branderburger Tor), Charlottenburg Palace are some of them, just to mention a few. One of my personal favourites is the East Side Gallery. In 1990, artists from all over the world painted on the east side of the Berlin Wall their worries, hopes and wishes documenting the "wind of change". Here's a photo of "My God, Help Me To Survive This Deadly Love", by Dimitri Vrubel. That's probably one of the most famous murals of the East Side Gallery, portraying Brezhnev and Honecker during their fraternal kiss. What's worth to be mentioned is that the actual border of East and West Berlin was the river Spree. It's really crazy that, back then, East and West Berlin/Germany were two completely different worlds.

2. Must Drink: Club-Mate

This is literally a caffeine bomb based on mate extract. I have to admit that I'm highly addicted to it and I have no idea how I was living my life before trying it. Forget those ugly energy drinks and coke. Club-Mate is low in sugar and calories which makes it a guilt free soda. During winter they produce the Club-Mate Winter Edition that's basically the original one, mixed with cinnamon, anise, cardamom and citrus and it's super yummy. Enjoy it super cold and feel free to order it as a "club, mate" before a local corrects you to order it as a "Kloob Maté".

3. Must Eat: The Bowl

Ok. I'm vegan. I am not going to lecture you about following the same diet (because everybody does whatever they feel like doing and blah blah blah), but when you'll find yourselves in Berlin, I highly recommend you to try The Bowl. Located in Warschauer Strasse, directly at the Ubahn (that's the underground, shh!), this clean eating restaurant is the perfect choice for when you're feeling that you had too much junk food! The portions are just super big so you'd better be hungry. Not to mention that the view from up there is (Berlin standards) beautiful.

4. Must Shop: Thrift Shopping 

I mean ... it's Berlin! If for anything, this city is known for its hipster-esque locals. There are so many Second Hand Stores full of vintage treasures. My favorite one is Colours in Bergmannstrasse. It's super massive, it has nice discounts (for example -30% Happy Hour from 11am to 1pm) and always - but always - uplifting music. 

5. Must Hang Out: Cafe A.Horn

A.Horn is a place where you can hang out all day long without even noticing it. They serve coffee and fresh pastry, amazing Mediterranean dishes and they have an amazing bar with a great wine selection and yummy cocκtails. It's located at the Carl-Herz-Ufer (bank), exactly where Kreuzberg starts to look greener and a little classier. At this super cute all day cafe I met with mein schatz for the first time. It was a business meeting that ended up being way more than that. Since then we live together, work together, support and love each other so, yeah, if you believe in karma/love at first sight/good vibes, this place worths to pay it a visit. :)

Learn more about Sarah and her work:

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