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A letter to Aggeliki from Lisbon

Dear Aggeliki,

I received your letter and i hope you are well. The last couple of weeks were a bit hectic about our country's financial state, but now things have started to get a little better and we all hope for the best. I really like the park that you visited and i wish i'd be there to go for a stroll with you.

This month was really special to me because i got to visit Lisbon, Portugal. The first images from my vacations were from the super cute hostel that i stayed in ,Traveller's House, which is literally in the heart of the city.  I arrived on Saturday, July 11th  and since then i experienced the most colourful city i have ever seen. Lisbon is full of warm and friendly people, yummy food, and a relaxed and breezy atmosphere that makes you want to stay there forever. 

I flicked through the pages of pretty books about gardens of the city in a beautiful shop downtown, called A Vida Portuguesa. This place has the nicest things, such as fragrant soaps, city postcards, colourful tins of yummy fish, books about Lisbon, chocolate bonbons and generally beautiful objects that tell an extraordinary and revealing story about Lisbon, its people and its particular taste, and stuff that showcase Portugal in a surprising light.

I went to LX Factory, a special little place in Alcantara-Mar after a nice stroll in Belem. I found and bought a cute little ''Pepa loves'' bag that i carried with me everywhere in the city.

I visited the museum dedicated to Fernando Pessoa, Portugal's most notorious author. There were many things of him there, his last pair of glasses, his passport, furniture of his bedroom, manuscripts, even his very own typewriter. One could almost feel as nostalgic in there as when one reads the Book of Disquiet.

I even visited the Oceanarium of Lisbon. Look how cute these little penguins are! 
The truth is that i saw and experienced so many things in Lisbon, that won't fit in one letter. More to come soon! 

Lots of kisses and hugs!!

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