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/ June 26, 2015 / No comments

A letter to Aggeliki from Athens

Dear Aggeliki,

I received your letter. London looks perfect and i'm really glad that you settled down in your new flat. Summer has officialy arrived in Athens and i couldn't be more excited about that. This means summer cinemas are finally open, inviting you to watch french films out in the open. 

You can literally dance in the streets, welcoming summer in the best possible way.

 It is like you 've fallen down the rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland,

in a city full of wonders.. and you can't experience a wonder without wearing your favourite shades.

Sometimes you get lost in a little urban jungle labyrinth 

or inside the pages of a book transporting you to 1960s Paris, drinking coffee and playing chess in the bistro where Jean-Paul Sartre used to frequent. 

Always ending up near the coastline, watching the waves cover the sand. 

Looking forward to hearing from you. Lot's of kisses and hugs!

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