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An interview with InsideMakes illustrations

A few months ago we discover this amazing illustrator, Yara, on Instagram and her shop on Etsy and we instantly fell in love with her designs. They are so dreamy and cute and in very affordable prices. So, lets read some thoughts she shared with us about her work and her inspiration.

1. Tell us a few words about you and the idea behind your Daydream illustrations. 

You know that feeling you get when you let your mind drift off? Your mind is able to create anything you can imagine, fantasize or dream about. It can build castles and gives you a type of freedom without having to work hard for it. Your heart and mind just shape it. That is the feeling I try to put in my illustrations. Each illustration shows what can happen in your mind if you just let it wander- and wonder off. I like the idea that they stimulate new daydreams, somewhere above your hard working head, up in your hair and the world above the clouds. Like, you can look at them and remember what it is like to dream off and dissolve into this wider world.

2. How did it all start? Describe to us that magic moment when you decided to start to design illustrations and transform them to brooches.

I always used to be a dreamer. I remember people snapping their fingers in front of me, to get me back in to reality. People who knew me very well got used to it and started to tell me 'did you had a moment again?'. They were totally fine with it. But then life got to me. Growing up, things got more and more serious. Life got more and more filled with moments where it was not okay to just drift off into daydreams. While studying to become an art therapist (something that I absolutely enjoyed!), my life got filled with hurt and the intense emotions of others. I saw people in emotional pain, carrying a lot of burdens, fighting to keep their life on track. It gave life more depth, and also took away a little air. On the other hand, there was art. Helping out to make things more bearable. Art contains a lot of different ways to walk around in your inner world. It can be intense, heavy and dark, but also relieving, light, wonderful and satisfying. As my study progressed I got to work on my graduation exposition. That is when my first daydream came to life. Actually it was not really a daydream. It was an image expressing how I can feel locked up inside myself, completely neutral on the outside, while my inside was telling me so much more. This painting was the precursor for something that later became inspiration for  a daydream illustration. After graduation, real life took it a step further: finding a job, keeping my house, making money and tons more of worries came to light. I had to work as hard as I could and it seemed like all the daydreams had disappeared. I didn’t feel the space and time to daydream. Slowly this roller-coaster started to slow down. I realized that I was not daydreaming anymore and that Daydreaming was something I needed in my life, to keep going, feed my inspiration and keep hope every now and then. So that is when I put myself to drawing daydreams. Because when you are drawing you have to take a moment to stop and create. Just let myself wonder of, on paper. I realized people liked my illustrations, recognized something in it. It connected with the feeling that I have about the human need to daydream, and how easily we lose this in our busy, busy (but wonderful) lives. Turning these daydreams into prints and brooches was more about waking up  daydreams in other people. Daydreaming is an option we all carry within ourselves, we just need to be reminded. Wearing a Daydream brooch is a lot like bringing around the entry to your daydream world. Looking them gives your mind this little jump and you can follow the drawing into your own dreamscape. Besides that, I’m a bit obsessed with all things brooches…

3. From where or who do you draw influence?

My inspiration can come from anywhere. Flowers, nature, things that touch me. A shape or a composition of an object, movement, light and sound. Like a moment, dance, a (sad) movie. Dreaming. Choices and needs. Sometimes, pain, and the patch therefor. Art, museums, the intensities of other people's lives. Intensity of life itself. Photography, fashion and my need to create. Visual materials and paper (tactile) structures. My senses. Melancholy and fear. Plants and insects. Needs and capabilities. The relationship between image and your own inner world. Links that I can lay between thoughts, feelings, moments in life and art. Reading books. Science, understand things and Poetry. Usually my inspiration comes from something around me, which evokes something in my inner world. And the roads that occur with it. Experiencing and feeling.

4. Describe your style in 5 words.

Surrealistic, soft, playful, introvert, open.

5. What else will our viewers find in your etsy shop?

I’m seriously enjoying creating stuff. I have a wide range of techniques I love to use, like painting, lino cutting, printing, drawing and crocheting. Sometimes I think I know and like to many ways of creating for my own good. And for my house, since it is so small; I don’t have a lot of room to create and stock everything I would want to. So I hope to put a lot of items in my etsy shop. In my etsy shop you can find different type of brooches, I also got cute plastic animals made into colourful brooches. I crochet super tiny lace shapes (some would call them wings) on their backs. I found that it also gives them a little extra happy and dreamy dimension. I also turned my daydream prints in other items such as brooches and medallions. And I like screen-printing out of hand cut stencils onto fabric. I hope to bring some more hand-embroidered drawings into life soon. It is all about having a material or a technique and seeing how I can use it while letting my mind create somethings so it gets a little dreamy touch. So it helps you mind drift off.

6. And finally, what are your future goals?

As a first I hope to be able to keep on working as an art therapist, since that is a job that has the biggest part of my heart. Besides that, I’d like to keep my own mind going on by drawing and creating my own things as a counterpart. To remind myself of the air that is also in life, and howspecial we are as humans. I have so much more ideas in my mind I like to bring outside and into the world. Creating things I can share In my etsy store, because I’m not able of keeping everything I make.

Find her work:
InsideMakes on Facebook
Etsy shop

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