March 30, 2015

Hello Harriet illustrated

Our new obsession is browsing through Etsy and of course the first search was about cats and cattoos. Thus, it was inevitable not to find Hello Herriet, which is the online shop of illustrator Harriet Gray.

There you can find cat temporary tattoos, which are absolutely adorable, handmade kitty dresses and nail transfers. There are also cat phone cases and tote bags. Hello Herriet is heaven for all cat ladies, including us!

All photos from Hello Harriet 
Shop: here

March 8, 2015

Grav Grav wooden things

A few days ago I came across a lovely instagram feed with beautiful wooden bags. I instantly fell in love with them, so I would like to introduce you to Grav Grav.  It's a woodworking brand, based in Istanbul, which was founded in 2011. I really love their unique manufactured material and the beautiful colours of their details. The inspiration behind their design is nature and the spirit of wood. In Grav Grav's website you can find a variety of wooden bags, including wooden satchel bags, wooden backpacks for kids and these super cute and retro wooden embroidery clutch bags.

Personally, I fell in love with the wooden gold satchel bag and also with the yellow backpack. I know the latter is for kids, but my poor soul needs more girlish things.

All photos from

February 16, 2015

Bourbon Mademoiselle Embroidery Collection (Part 2)

Accessories by Viveta Stratigou
Photos by Kostas Antonakoglou

Click here for the Cat embroidery necklace giveaway
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February 9, 2015